What you will need for training

Individual obedience training sessions

  • The willingness to learn something new as I teach you to use clicker training principles. You can either use a “verbal” clicker or a physical clicker.  A physical clicker is much more effective. Therefore you may need to get a clicker available at many pet stores and on-line. You can get a perfectly suitable clicker for R80 on line. I teach you also when and how to phase out the clicker.
  • A treat bag. This is the most important tool that will be needed. Paws2Train collaborates with a local craftsman to make our treat bags, which clients can buy from me. Please see picture below.
  • Treats. A collection of treats in pieces the size of a quarter of your thumbnail, smaller is even better. In the first meeting I discuss different options. Examples are small pieces of; something as simple as bread with peanut butter on if your dog is willing to work hard for it, apple, carrots, cheese, viennas or treats that you can buy in pet shops. Finding the right treat for your dog in low and high distracting environments is a trial and error process. Or in some cases, when a dog is not really food motivated, a real enticing toy is needed to use as a reward and you may need to obtain such a toy if you do not have it already. I also teach you when and how to phase out treats.
  • We use the equipment that you have for walking your dog on lead. However you need to be willing to make an equipment change if I recommend it, such as if I recommend to change to a step-in harness and a double ended lead for example.

Individual behaviour modification consultations

All the equipment under “Individual obedience training sessions” may be needed. You need to be willing to obtain other equipment if it is needed to overcome a behaviour problem, examples are to obtain brain toys, very high value treats or a tTouch body wrap.

Dog walking and play services

I use the equipment and toys that you have.