My Services

I am passionate about strengthening the bond between owners and their dogs in order to have a great companionship. Using the positive reinforcement techniques I teach, strengthening the bond between you and your canine is inevitable.

I give individual dog training and/or behaviour modification consultations for puppies, adolescent dogs and older dogs, dog walking and/or play services for dogs of all ages and day pet sitting. I work in the Centurion and Pretoria surrounds.

Individual training sessions for dogs of all ages to teach obedience

Examples are teaching your dog(s) to walk properly on the lead or to teach your dog(s) to “stay” on cue or to teach your dog(s) to drop the ball so that you can throw it again or to teach your dog not to jump on you. I work solely with positive reinforcement training techniques which includes the use of clicker training. I teach you to use clicker training principles. I come to your home for these individual training sessions. With regard to puppy training, I can help you with that as I follow a thoroughly thought out programme for puppies, the only difference is that I do not do it in a group class setting, but in individual sessions at your home, however I guide you in how to socialise your puppy in other ways.

Individual, behaviour modification consultations for dogs of all ages that present a behaviour problem.

Examples are if your dog(s) developed a fear of something or barking excessively or chews destructively. I come to your home for these consultations. I analyse gathered information and work out an appropriate plan of action and guide you through the implementation of it.

Dog walking and play services

If your dog(s) need more walking and stimulation than what you can provide in a week. I will not be teaching your dog(s) to walk properly on the lead when I do walking or teach your dog(s) any obedience when I play with him/her/them, as I strongly believe that the owner needs to be involved in obedience training. I come to your home and take your dog(s) for a walk in your area and/or play with your dog(s) at your home.

Day Pet Sitting

I do not offer pet sitting where I need to stay overnight in the client’s home. I offer day pet sitting where two visits are needed a day. In a visit I feed, play and walk your dog(s), top up the water and do anything else that is needed. With other pets I also do what is needed. I therefore spend a minimum of an hour and send you a video snippet at each visit.

I am an affiliate member of the COAPE Association of Pet Behaviourists and Trainers, meaning that I have the necessary professional qualification to do dog behaviour and training and I work solely with positive reinforcement techniques. Check out their website