Who are we

My career in dog training and behaviour started in all earnest in 2011 through successfully completing a puppy instructors' course through ThinkingPets, in Johannesburg. I successfully completed an UK developed Diploma in Companion Animal Behaviour through the Center of Applied Pet Ethology - International (COAPE-International) in 2016, equipping me to deal with all types of behaviour problems in our pets, not just dogs. Dog behaviour are though still my speciality.  From 2011,  I actively worked in the industry as well and still are, and I can work with all breeds and all behaviour problems.

As an affiliate member of the Center of Applied Pet Ethology's Association for Pet Behaviourists and Trainers, I am listed as an expert on their website www.capbt.org. I am therefore proudly a solely force-free trainer and behaviourist. I work mainly in Centurion and Pretoria surrounds.


Distributor of AIM Pet Health Products